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Year 4: Ariana and the Empath's Power - Table of Contents - The Sporkings of Das Mervin and Company

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June 26th, 2009

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04:28 pm - Year 4: Ariana and the Empath's Power - Table of Contents
Ariana and the Empath’s Power

By Ariana Black

Alternate Title: Ariana and the Beating of the Readers’ Heads with the word “Empath”

After large quantities of chocolate, caffeine, and Snape, Hyde returns to normal, just in time to have Mervin be traumatized by Year Four. The author wanted to make sure we understand that Ariana Black and her SUE-PER POWERS are the COOLEST THING IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE AND WE HAD BETTER LIKE IT, DAMMIT. Meaning the word “Empath” is repeated about fifty times a page! Yay! We really wanted to read a fic devoted ENTIRELY to her reveling in her SUE-PER powers! And we all commit mass suicide as the author decides that mutilating the students and Dumbledore wasn’t enough—she moves onto SEVERUS SNAPE and turns him into a quivering pink pile of rat crap! Huzzah!

SPORKING CANON: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Happy Birthday Harry
Chapter 2 – Visits
Chapter 3 – Tag, You’re It!
Chapter 4 – A Friend Among the Stars
Chapter 5 – Pathological and Ginger Snap
Chapter 6 – The First Day of Class
Chapter 7 – Hogsmeade Weekend
Chapter 8 – A Letter from the Past
Chapter 9 – A Private Yule Ball
Chapter 10 – The Empath’s Power
Chapter 11 – Fight!
Chapter 12 – Happiness Potions
Chapter 13 – A Discovery
Chapter 14 – An Unwelcome Visit
Chapter 15 – Malfoy Manor
Chapter 16 – Where Could They Be?
Chapter 17 – The Amulet
Chapter 18 – I’ll Do It
Chapter 19 – Brother and Sister
Chapter 20 – He Said He’d Kill You
Chapter 21 – To the Rescue
Chapter 22 – Conversations in the Hospital Wing
Chapter 23 – Trust

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