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Year 6: Ariana's Devotion - Table of Contents - The Sporkings of Das Mervin and Company

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July 10th, 2009

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11:50 am - Year 6: Ariana's Devotion - Table of Contents
Ariana’s Devotion

By Ariana Black

Alternate Title: Ariana, the Fanon Sues, and Yet Another Useless Year

And here we go again—useless year!! Again. The title has nothing to do with the actual fic, and the fic has absolutely nothing to with anything. In this sad, strange little fanon universe, we have Voldemort FINALLY getting his rear in gear and actually trying to take over the world, Herm and Don getting married and doing that classic of revolting cake-smashing antics, even MORE of that pathetic pissant Snape that nobody wanted to see in the first place, and the author finally trying to establish a few plot points before dropping them on us like a cow from the sky. Oh, and did we mention sniveling, pant-snogging fanon Sues and Stus? *waves flag* Yay.

SPORKING CANON: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Terrified
Chapter 2 - Returning to Old Ways
Chapter 3 – Christmas in July
Chapter 4 – Look What I Did
Chapter 5 – Deciphering
Chapter 6 – Late Night Swim
Chapter 7 – The First Years
Chapter 8 – Crystal Balls
Chapter 9 – Redecorating the Dungeon
Chapter 10 – Memories
Chapter 11 – Yet Another Hogsmeade Visit
Chapter 12 – Kittens and Dances
Chapter 13 – Unicorns
Chapter 14 – Hatred
Chapter 15 – Attack
Chapter 16 – Gone
Chapter 17 – Cursed
Chapter 18 – Lost in Darkness
Chapter 19 – Try it Anyway!
Chapter 20 – Help is on the Way
Chapter 21 – Left Behind
Chapter 22 – Part of Your World

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