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[GROUP SPORKING] Year Six - Table of Contents - The Sporkings of Das Mervin and Company

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November 12th, 2009

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09:14 pm - [GROUP SPORKING] Year Six - Table of Contents
Year Six

By Caina

Alternate Title: Half-Blood Prince – The Harmoanian Edition. OOC and Humor Free!

As I’m sure many of you know, when JK Rowling unleashed Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince upon the unsuspecting public, a huge, massive wank-storm spun out of control as a result from furious shippers who did and continue to labor under the delusion that the Harry Potter series is about romance—specifically, about their desired romance. By far, the largest faction of unhappy shippers consisted of Harmonians, those who shipped Harry and Hermione together. This fic was one of probably many intent on “fixing” what they considered to be a grave mistake. And, as I’m sure you already know, when a Suethor sets out to “fix” canon, they don’t “fix” it. They rather “mangle” it. “Year Six” is no different, and it is really, really bad. This particular author actually has two versions of her grand and glorious HBP: Harmonian Edition. The first one was a .pdf of HPHBP, edited and picked apart to change any instance of “Ginny” to “Hermione” in regards to the romance. In other words, it was done in the style of “Rose Potter”. Nothing but plagiarism, and a few simple name-changes to make it so that it suits her. When people quickly called her out on her plagiarism, she back-pedaled and insisted that she was unhappy with the WHOLE book, not just the romance aspect, and wrote this instead. Except this also makes it quite clear that she is only unhappy with the romance aspect, because this steals a ton of the elements from HBP, despite the fact that she claims it’s original. This fic was also offered up as a group sporking on the HMS STFU! Like with “Hogwarts Exposed”, it is now here, with permission, for your enjoyment.

SPORKING CANON: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Fudge’s Folly, sporked by m_m_1920
Chapter 2 – Muggleborn Cleansing, sporked by hoopa
Chapter 3 – Madness at St. Mungo’s, sporked by baranduyn
Chapter 4 – Courage Under Fire, sporked by m_m_1920
Chapter 5 – Trouble on the Tracks (Part I), sporked by das_mervin and Mrs. Hyde
Chapter 5 – Trouble on the Tracks (Part II), sporked by das_mervin and Mrs. Hyde
Chapter 6 – Snape’s Reward (Sporking I), sporked by niemandhier
Chapter 6 – Snape’s Reward (Sporking II), sporked by baranduyn
Chapter 7 – Unspoken, sporked by baranduyn
Chapter 8 – The Bonding of the Two, sporked by chocolatepot
Chapter 9 – Percy’s Predicament, sporked by mizii_marzen
Chapter 10 – Little Tom Riddle, sporked by mochibuni
Chapter 11 – Five to Go, sporked by hoopa
Chapter 12 – Serendipity (Part I), sporked by das_mervin and Mrs. Hyde
Chapter 12 – Serendipity (Part II), sporked by das_mervin and Mrs. Hyde
Chapter 13 – The Horcruxes, sporked by chocolatepot

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